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daiki_dansu's Journal

13 March 1985
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I'm a recent recruit into the *pnish*, Kitty Guys, Burimyu, and Takarazuka fandoms. I like what little I've seen of Tenimyu as well. I love how cheerful and adorable Daiki/ Leader is from *pnish* and he makes me smile whenever I think about him. Hence the journal name. Daiki is my particular favorite but Tuti is right up there, too. As for Daiki, I identify with the dorkiness, Otaku-ness, and the stumbling over words.
I really love humor so I like how goofy *pnish* and Kitty Guys can be. I like dancing but I personally can't dance. No, really, it's not pretty.

I live in Japan right now and I teach English with the JET Program. There are some things I miss from the U.S, like Mexican food and wicked awesome airconditioning/insulation, but if all the people I loved lived in Japan I'd probably never want to leave.

I don't really know what I want to do for a "real job" but I love Japanese and working with young kids so...we'll see.

Annnnd...that's 'bout it